Bartlett Show 2014


Headed up the design/construction/dressing team for the Architectural and Interdisciplinary Studies BSc Summer Show 2014 at The Bartlett, UCL. The space is designed to be interacted with at different levels, and in different ways: steps/stools are provided for the viewing of higher objects or to create seated opportunities to watch videos and read dissertations, whilst the top shelf objects are designed to be viewed from the staircase.

IMG_9196 IMG_9200 IMG_9206 IMG_9209

I designed a large format poster to be placed next to the dissertation shelf detailing the work undertaken by each student in the design unit. I also designed the numbering system labels, which provide additional information about the projects below eye level.


My final year dissertation, “Tactics, Theatrics, and Urban Scenography,” displayed on the dissertation shelf, alongside printed brochures of the space detailing the creator of the work inside each numbered box. My dissertation won the prize for Distinguished Work in History & Theory.