Bartlett Show 2013


Heading up the Architectural Studies BSc team to design and build Bartlett School of Architecture Summer Show 2013 to exhibit the unit’s work.

The exhibition cases were CNC milled, configured and assembled to house a range of media including 35mm slide projection, rear-lit vellum prints, and rear-projections onto clouded Perspex. It also contained physical models including caramel and crystal formations, and video played on tablets.


An industrial mesh and fluorescent tube-lit Perspex shelving system held six hardbound, dust-jacketed Dissertations on a range of subjects, including my own, as shown below.


The entire show was 3D-scanned and documented as a downloadable iPad app by Bartlett-based ScanLAB. Below are images of the application (with the installation clearly visible in the centre of the building) which can be downloaded for free from iTunes.